noAnalytics Remix – Compile ROMs without GoogleAnalytics ~ No Statistics Reporting!

Developers Only

Inspired by MaR-V-iN’s work on freecygn and noAnalytics, I bring you noAnalytics Remix!

Based on Mar-V-iN’s source, I compiled using JDK 1.6 in a native Ubuntu Android Studio environment.

Now it will natively build in to any Android source. No more statistics reporting to Google!


1.. Locate “libGoogleAnalyticsV2.jar” usually found in [androidSourceFolder]/vendor/[romFlavor]/prebuilt/common/lib
2.. Rename it something like “libGoogleAnalyticsV2.jar.backup”
3.. Copy-paste “noAnalyticsRemix.jar” into the folder, and rename it “libGoogleAnalyticsV2.jar” to match the original structure.
4.. Build the ROM like you normally would!

This has been tested working with AOKP 4.4.2 source. Let me know how it works for you!

Credit goes to MaR-V-iN for the original code. Thanks!

Download Link:

noAnalytics Remix v1 via MediaFire

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