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[GUIDE] Optimize Linux for Android Development

Recently, I built a new development system. After installing Xubuntu 16.04 and configuring it for Android OS dev, I went down the rabbit hole of system performance tuning. This is intended to be a “living guide”, kept up-to-date with fresh information as packages / options become deprecated, old adages become irrelevant, and so on. Read more →

Direct Build Output to a Logfile

When developing Android ROMs and other system images, sometimes it is useful to look at the output of the compile process. It can help one understand the build process better or track down issues, especially if the build is failing for a reason that isn’t immediately apparent. However, the process can rapidly generate many lines – impossible to keep up… Read more →

What Really Mattered @ CES 2015

This was my first run of the gauntlet that is the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to a cabbie, CES is consistently the busiest time to be driving around Vegas (more on this later – no Uber in Nevada, WTF progress?). Rightfully so – the event attracts industry representatives from six continents, exhibitors and spectators alike.… Read more →