architekt – Compile Android ROMs with Windows/Mac OSX

architekt is a custom Virtual Machine that can be used with Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. It includes everything you need to sync with the repo of your choice (Cyanogenmod, AOKP, AOSP, etc) and start building ROMs from source. This version includes Java 6 for compiling Gingerbread thru Kitkat. To compile Android L, switch to OpenJDK7.


– Arch base system
– XFCE Desktop Environment
– All necessary packages for compiling
– No junk (games, etc)
– Geany for editing code

The only requirement is that your host machine supports a 64 bit OS. 32 bit systems will not work!


1. Download and install VirtualBox for your host system from here.
2. Download the latest architekt zip archive and extract architekt.ova to your hard drive.
3. Start VB, click File > Import Appliance. Select “Open Appliance” and choose architekt.ova, then click Next to import the virtual machine.
4. Highlight architekt in VirtualBox Manager and open Settings. Under “System” you will want to give it more RAM and Processor Cores. The higher these values are, the faster you will compile ROMs.
5. Start the machine, pull up a terminal and initialize a git repo. Once the source is finished downloading, you’re ready to go!


Architekt via Mega.CO.NZ

architekt.mega (1080 downloads)


Architekt via Google Drive (1615 downloads)


Username/Password: android/android

md5sum: aa9a4fb8cc1861b635f70f1fdb933bc4

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